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To announce the arrival of the new Bentley Bentayga, Bentley wanted to celebrate the power of being inspired by the past as well as paying it forward. Legacy is a core focus for the brand, so Iris North America partnered Bentley with Secret-Walls, who aim to raise critical funds for young people in the Work of Art program by promoting local artists. Within the Secret Walls Studio space in Los Angeles, artists Ricardo Gonzalez, Mikael B and Laci Jordan drew inspiration from the brand’s new Bentayga model, creating pieces to reflect the car’s strikingly dynamic exterior, combined with their own artistic identity.


Bentley’s partnership with the talented artists intended to inspire future generations to live and create passionately, fearlessly and without boundaries, whilst simultaneously affirming Bentley’s key values. Rooted in philanthropy, the artistic collaboration also doubled as an auction, with proceeds going to the Inner-City Arts, a charity aiming to provide a safer community with resources and arts education. The ‘Art in Motion’ series reaffirmed the sophisticated qualities and design makeup of the other members of the Bentley family, whilst also achieving the new Bentayga objective: taking the best and making it even better.


Credits: Exec Producer: Chris Buda / Creative Director: Lexi Corn

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